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The Power Rankings! Carnage, Reruns, Flux And A New No. 1

Wherein we learn that the competition is too stiff to take a week off

Power Rankings

Welcome to The Power Rankings! for the week ending March 6. Here's a little story about reruns: No. Granted, the rules of The Power Rankings!, such as they are, specify that you can't be dropped completely if you have a rerun unless it's a week where genius has gone on a rampage and there's no room for slacking. Ah, but plan to take a few weeks off -- kind of like a mini hiatus -- well, that we can not abide. We're looking at you, The Office, Community, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation. Three weeks off? Whuck? Oh, and all the rest of you, too. Despite our love for you, we can't cover for you. Show up, do your best, get ranked. Otherwise, some other show is going to take your place. Like this week. FYI: The Power Rankings! are where television series are ranked on a weekly basis according to their most recent episodes and the ever-changing-moods of yours truly. If you want to learn how The Power Rankings! started and the methodology behind them, check out the last Bastard Machine post on those issues of great import. In the meantime, let's rank those players who weren't afraid to suit up.