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1 years

'Gravity' Cinematographer Reveals How He Got Those Astonishing Shots


Roger Deakins

In the movie's final scene, Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) goes back to the crime scene, where the tech crew is wrapping up for the night, and he hears a faint whistle before the screen goes black. "For the night scenes, I never wanted to do a moonlight scene; I wanted there to be a light source somewhere to generate light," explains Deakins, who shot the film with an Arri Alexa digital camera. "This scene was a challenge -- how could I justify light without doing moonlight? We created a back porch for the house with blue-white fluorescents, and then since there would be work lights at night, we put up these simple work lights. When they are going off at the end, the lights die, then the sound goes because the generators are turned off, giving Loki a chance to hear the whistle that Keller [Hugh Jackman] is blowing from inside the pit."

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