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Fox Tweet-a-palooza From TCA

Random sampling of Bastard Machine tweets from TCA

Fox day at TCA...

The Chicago Code is up. New police series from Shawn Ryan (The Shield).

"That's something I should have caught earlier." Ryan, who created Terriers, on titles. Chicago Code was once Ride Along, but idea changed.

"We couldn't really use jag-off and we couldn't use asshole, so we came up with jackhole." - Ryan on network limitations.

Ooops. "Jaghole." Too early.

Female writer asked if Ryan was going to "de-hot" Jennifer Beals. Good luck with that.

In fairness, pretty much all the cast is hot. Particularly Jason Clarke. It's TV, people.

"The pilots are made in such a rush. You just feel lucky to get picked up." Ryan. He says midseason is great, because he could change pilot.

If it's not clear yet, Chicago Code is good and picking up buzz..

Ryan said the pilot almost got shut down because they took so long casting it. Finally Jason Clarke got freed up from CBS deal. Perfect.

American Idol panel starts now. I don't really care, but this is truly a turning point season...

Jennifer Lopez is wearing leopard skin high-heel mini boots.


Producers are saying show is going to be fine w/o Simon. Then they diss him a bit. You know what that is? Fear. Idol my be irrelevant.

When X-Factor becomes more popular, it'll be "Pack your bags, you're going home."

Ryan Seacrest dressed most normally (and best). Mike Darnell, who heads up Fox reality, wears Tyler's scarf, cowboy hat/boots. Ridonkulous.

Steven Tyler says "who knows" when asked how HE'D have done as contestant. Randy and everyone says he'd do fine. Rubbish and lies.

Tyler doesn't trill and get all diva with the notes. Singers with voices like his, Springsteen, Waits, etc., would never make it. Idol blows

A more "assertive dog" is coming this year says Randy. "A little less yo's, a little more no's." I just threw up in my mouth.

Steven Tyler says that Aerosmith definitely would be discovered on Idol. It's official: He's been drinking the Kool-Aid.

Producers are saying it's an entirely new cast and an entirely new show. And they say that like it's a good thing. Aw, that's so cute.

When someone asked Seacrest why he still looks so young, he said "placenta." When people looked puzzled, he said "placenta." OK then.

Randy is calling J-Lo "Triple Threat." Tyler says he watched Back-up Plan movie w/Lopez and knew he'd do Idol. Man, that explains a lot.

Cast keep saying winner will be the one who can make it under pressure of the show. What about being the most talented? Just curious.

When this session is over, I'm going to turn on my iPod and let real music cleanse my ears, brain and soul.

Jennifer Lopez: "You're only going to see me from here (midsection) up." Well, now I'm REALLY not going to watch.

"You know, I got some stuff from the guys." Tyler admitting that Aerosmith bandmates gave him grief for accepting job.

Btw, this room is packed. ABC, this is how it gets done.

"They just feed you candy all day?" Lopez, wondering what's in the four with boxes in front of us. (M&Ms, Swedish fish, chocolate pretzels).

Fox executive panel starts now. Peter Rice, chairman of entertainment. Kevin Reilly, president entertainment. Both are generally candid.

Reilly doesn't rule out Lie to Me returning. Which is good. Depends how midseason shows do now.

Critic says Big Bang Theory could beat Idol. Executives don't scoff. Perhaps they're worried. They also see Survivor weakness.

Please, no more questions about Lone Star. Let's move on from the dead. I wasn't among the rabid fans of that one.

"You're only a few DNA strands away from a hit and a failure." - Reilly. Quite true. I like Reilly. Fringe on Friday: "I beg you to not write the eulogy prematurely." - Reilly.

"I'd be heartbroken if it went away." - Reilly on Fringe.

Rice says there are no definitive rules about when, where to launch shows. Which is why the industry is fun to cover. Failure analysis.

"It's a very expensive television show. It's a very ambitious television show." Rice on Spielberg's "Terra Nova." We get 3 min clip later.

Another Lone Star question. Crowd groans.

"Comedy is a slow growth process." - Reilly. He says Raising Hope, which was just renewed, will get even more popular.

Reilly says Fox will continue to be challenging. "I don't believe for a second that all the great shows are on cable."

First Running Wilde question. "I think I watered down Mitch's vision." Then Reilly smirks. "No bad blood. You won't read about any sniping."

"It's a natural process for shows to age up." Reilly says. Hopes X Factor might skew younger.

"Just make Glee look that much better, most likely." Reilly on what an NBC Glee-knockoff will do.

"Are they stupid? Some of them are." - Reilly on producers/networks trying to knock off his shows.

"Wait until I knock back a few tonight and then we'll get into it." Reilly when asked to name his "stupid" network competitors.

"The form is unique to television and we love it....We're not going to give up on it." - Reilly on multi-camera shows.

That H. Jon Benjamin isn't at the Bob's Burger panel makes it about 60 percent less funny.

Numbers were good for Bob's Burgers. Along with Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, it's got a lot of potential. But that pilot wasn't very good.

Someone is taking all the styrafoam Bob's Burgers characters off the tables. eBay alert.

Next up, the Terra Nova session. We'll get a 3-minute clip, but sans special effect. They couldn't get it done in time.

Fox always has a DJ at these events. Makes the day way, way better.

Just saw the Terra Nova clips. OK, I'm in.

Even in a three minute clip, there's something you can see on the screen: money. And that's a good thing.

Four Brits, one Irishman, two Yanks and one Canadian make up the actors.

Set in the future, Terra Nova then goes back in time, 85 million years, to "prehistoric Earth" to repopulate. Trouble ensues.

Spielberg has guiding hand in Terra Nova (Fox) and Falling Skies (TNT). Both great clips. So, which one did he have bigger hand in?

Stephen Lang, the badass general in Avatar (and others) says he got interested in time travel through Rocky & Bulllwinkle cartoon. Awesome.

"That's the crux of the show. Can Utopia be built? Is it possible." Exec prod Brannon Braga.

Each executive team from Terra Nova and Falling Skies says Spielberg heavily involved. Also: They are really in awe of him.

"People do come up to me and say, I really, really hate you. And it's in the nicest possible way." - Stephen Lang.

Terra Nova will be a Glee-like launch. Last two days of this season (May). So you get pumped up then wait until next fall.   Portal for Terra Nova sends people back 85 mil years. If we went back 85 mil years in this ballroom, Oprah would still be talking. #lastone.   Next up, Traffic Light sitcom from Fox. Men on show are huge. One's 6'5, the other is 6'4. Shortest guy is 6'2. VERY rare in Hollywood.   And the women are all small. So yes, they built in height jokes.   Wait, Traffic Light was an import from Israel? Strange. Just like In Treatment.   Producer said it's the year of the rom-com. Well, that doesn't mean the other two that look just like this will make it. Or this one.   "I don't tweet." Maybe Fox is playing a joke on Liza Lapira, because her bio says to follow her @queenskid. She's only sent 8, ever.   OK, officially too much talking and interrupting from the producers of Traffic Light.   This Traffic Light session is longer than the pilot. And maybe the executive session.   Running out of steam, but heart is fluttering from Fox candy and Diet Coke. And I still have to review Off the Map. Such a bad combo.   Uh-oh. Producer of Breaking In says his geeks will beat Big Bang Theory geeks; says they wouldn't know Chewbacca's home planet. Bet they do.   Will have to put my money on the Big Bang Theory writers and cast as more geeky and funny than those of Breaking In. A lot of money.   Reporter asked about lack of Latinas in Hollywood, then asked "What are you wearing," like Odette Yustman was on the red carpet. Day ends.   Sitting here and hear "Pretzel or popcorn" from faux SuperBowl vendor. Friend says, "Fox. The fat day." There's a Glee SuperBowl food break.