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Updated: New Slogans For NBCUniversal

And can someone in creative fix that logo?

NBC-Uni Logo

It's hard to get a sense of excitement in the new NBCUniversal logo. They made the company name one word, ala Kabletown, took out the Peacock and whatever globe/orbit/circle used to be there as a representation for Universal, then slapped it on a purple background. Kind of like they were in a rush.

I'm not sure that logo is going to win many fans in the design community. But it's the new slogan that seems curious to me: "Let's make history. Again."

What history is that again? If the reference is to being No. 1, well, that seems like ancient history. Most of the people who remember the NBC glory days are now watching PBS, right?

When NBC went from No. 1 to No. 4 in record time, was that historic? Obviously it's not the history in question here, but the corporate people who gave this the thumbs up have opened the door to remake said history. I was hoping for "Let's not screw this up. Again." A little honesty goes over well with Americans.

In the spirit of being helpful, which is not normally something I get involved with, here are some other slogans NBCUniversal might consider:

"NBCUniversal: Everything you're watching now is by people we fired."

"NBCUniversal: You like us on Thursday!"

"NBCUniversal: Come for the football, stay for the shows!"

"NBCUniversal: We also own Telemundo."

"NBCUniversal: Not just 'The Biggest Loser.'"

"NBCUniversal: Every new viewer gets five minutes of time in the last hour of Today."

"NBCUniversal: We really are owned by Kabletown!"

"NBCUniversal: When you say we suck, it hurts our feelings. 'The More You Know.'"

"NBCUniversal: Out with the microwaves, in with the theme parks!"

"NBCUniversal: We don't really get The Cape either."

"NBCUniversal: Now with 25 percent more of the Telemundo babes in our upcoming shows."

"We killed the Peacock. And we'll kill our bad shows, too. NBCUniversal - by any means necessary."

"Let's erase our history."

"NBCUniversal: Our Bad."

"NBCUniversal: We kick the CW's ass most nights!"

"Sorry about the Conan thing. Again."

"NBCUniversal. Let's clean house, smoke out the bad vibes and start again. Again."

"Let's not kid ourselves. We've got a lot of lame shows to replace. Again."

"NBCUniversal: The next Showtime."

"Let's bring back 'Must Watch TV.' Again."

"NBCUniversal: Wait until next season."