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'The Goonies' are still good enough (pic)

A lot of attention may have been showered on the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future, whose trilogy had its fancy schmancy Blu-ray release Tuesday, but there's another big movie also enjoying its 25th year: Warner Bros.' The Goonies.

While Back to the Future is a pinnacle of screen storytelling, Goonies, it can be argued, had an even bigger influence on people, at least on a generation of execs who have been trying to develop something that captures the adventurous spirit of that film.

The movie comes out on Blu-ray next Tuesday (the pack features a fun board game, a reproduction of the 1985 movie magazine [I had one], reproduction of some storyboards and a reprint of a 20th-year reunion article that appeared in Empire magazine).

Warners threw a little celebration Wednesday on its Burbank lot, complete with a scavenger hunt where members of the public competed for a $5,000 prize, and brought out a bunch of stars from the film.

Here's who showed up from the movie (left to right): Jeff Cohen (Chunk), Robert Davi (Jake Fratelli), Corey Feldman (Mouth), director Richard Donner, casting director Mike Fenton, Lupe Ontiveros (Rosalita), Joe Panoliano (Francis Fratelli), Jonathan Ke Quan (Data).