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The First-Ever 'Tron Legacy' Screening Is Going on Right Now

Friday and Saturday are the Tron Legacy press junkets, where journalists get to interview the cast and filmmakers.

Tonight, however, is the first-ever screening of the movie. It's a big night for Disney, which is betting the bank on this sci-fi movie, as this will begin to establish the early word.

The screening took place at the Bridge, in West L.A., where director Joe Kosinski introduced the film, which screened in 3D. In the seats, among the journalists and junketeers, were Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner and Beau Garrett, as well as some visual effects wizards. Agents, managers and some publicists were in the mix as well. Jeff Bridges was not in attendance.

There is an embargo on reviews, but with another screening set for Friday night, don't be surprised if opinions begin to leak out.