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VIDEO: Robert Downey Jr.'s Latest Role? Mr. Peanut

Robert Downey Jr. has traded his metal suit for a peanut shell.
The Iron Man actor stars in a new commercial as the voice of Mr. Peanut. It’s the first time the anthropomorphic nut with a top hat, monocle and cane has ever spoken.
Kraft Foods, the parent of Planters Peanuts, introduced the new ad on the Internet Tuesday and plans are to show it later in movie theaters and on television.
In the 33-second ad, Mr. Peanut is throwing a “holiday party” at his home, which is decked out in red and green lights, tinsel and a Christmas Tree.
The ad introduces a smaller, sidekick peanut who is attending the party with guests that include a turtle and a grasshopper.
Throwing a great party is easy, says Mr. Peanut in a tone reminiscent of Tony Stark. Just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, “no matter who shows up.”
That’s when Richard barges in. He’s a nutcracker.
Mr. Peanut was created in 1916 after Planters Peanuts held a contest to create a logo and a 14-year-old boy drew a nut with human features. Mr Peanut used to be yellow, but the incarnation voiced by Downey Jr. is brown.
Beyond his role as Mr. Peanut, Downey Jr. is also pitchman for Nissan, doing voiceover in ads like this one, where a man stretches his car to a suitable size after his wife tells him a baby is on the way.