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19 Zany Moments From The TCA 'Idol' Panel

So many out-there comments prompted us to wonder: who spiked the coffee at this morning's meeting of the 'Idol' minds?

While Tuesday morning’s American Idol panel offered little in terms of substantial info about the forthcoming season and all the changes being discussed -- precisely for that reason, it’s still being debated -- some of the back-and-forth banter between the judges and executives was downright comical at times. TCA members have Steven Tyler to thank for many an eyebrow-raising moment. A sign of what’s to come? Let’s hope so. 

But he wasn’t alone in the crack-up department, as Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, Fox president of alternative programming Mike Darnell and, of course, Ryan Seacrest, more than held their own. Here, some highlights from the official Fox transcript.    Yes, people, they actually said these things.    “F*** no. I question whether I should have done that just now.” — Steven Tyler on whether Idol is planning on using a five-second delay on his comments.    “Placenta.” — Ryan Seacrest on his secret to looking young.   “We have a whole category of cross dressers…” — Steven Tyler on which gender will come out on top.    “…Sponsored by Ryan.” — Randy Jackson’s snappy comeback to previous comment.   “Her heel is higher than Ellen’s.” —Ryan Seacrest on the difference between Lopez and Ellen DeGeneres.   “Backseat judge. Bedroom judge.” — Jennifer Lopez on keeping up with Idol over the years.    “I almost wore the same leopard today.” —Randy Jackson commenting on Lopez’s shoes.    “I want to sit next to that.” — Steven Tyler of his reaction to seeing Lopez’s movie The Back-Up Plan.   “She was in the ‘hood, and she came out perfectly in the middle, and I get to sit between her.” —Steven Tyler attempting to complete previous thought on Jennifer Lopez    “Fewer yo’s. And maybe more nos.” — Randy Jackson on being the new “assertive” dawg.    “I like to think it’s aged with me.” —Mike Darnell on the Idol viewer’s median age of 45   “I thought Mike Darnell jumped right out of The Simpsons. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing or who he was when we first met.” — Steven Tyler on meeting Mike Darnell for the first time    “I can’t tell you how many times I get all red in the face when I say something weird, and she bails me out, and Randy says, you know, ‘Yo.’” — Steven Tyler on his fellow judges    “We’re not allowed to fraternize.” — Steven Tyler on whether he plans to keep in touch with any contestants   “America has eventually, whether they’ve made mistakes along the way, always come up with the right winner.” — Nigel Lythgoe, joking?   “I am from the Bronx. I went to P.S. 81. Yonkers is where I got my pet raccoon, if you want to get into it.” —Steven Tyler, topic unknown    “You got to remember I come from the era where it was you got to blow the band before us off. So it was always competition and competing.” —Steven Tyler on life in Aerosmith    “No restaurants. That wasn’t so fun.” — Jennifer Lopez on her future business ventures.    “And I’m Italian.” — Steven Tyler