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After A.C. Slater Photo Is Smashed, Bar Manager Vows to Rebuild

Mullets Sports Bar and Restaurant in Illinois plans to revive the shattered mullet picture of Mario Lopez.


The management of an Illinois sports bar has vowed to bring back A.C. Slater’s shattered image after a rowdy patron smashed the picture in a Saved by the Bell rage earlier this week.

Joseph Pusateri, manager of the Mullets Sports Bar and Grill in Homer Glen, Ill., said he was “shocked” to hear a bar patron smashing the Slater picture — it had featured a mulleted image of actor Mario Lopez.

The picture had been placed reverentially above the men’s room urinal as “something to look at when you are going to the restroom,” Pusateri told The Hollywood Reporter.

“We heard a loud crashing noise. A customer had ripped down the picture and smashed the glass. Destroyed it totally," he said. "We were just looking at him and asked him why. He just chuckled and said, ‘I just don’t like A.C. Slater.’”

“He had some kind of issue,” Pusateri said. “I guess he didn’t like Saved by the Bell.

The customer was asked to call it a night and a police report was made. But there have been no arrests on the incident which took place on Tuesday night.

On the bright side, the manager vowed not to be stopped by the Slater hater. Lopez’s picture will be among many celebrities who have earned their spot on the bar’s wall by mastering the mullet. Pusateri has ordered not just one, but multiple copies of the same photo.

“We ordered them rush, so they’ll get here  soon. And we ordered a few in case this happens again,” he said. “We’ll keep them in a file cabinet.”

Pusateri points out another bright spot. “The guy didn’t even touch the John Stamos photo.”