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Again! Kutcher sells blog (a different one) to CBS

CBS continues to find new comedy ideas on the Internet.

The network has just bought a series concept from Ashton Kutcher's Katalyst Productions and the Schiff Co. based on the blog and Twitter feed Dear Girls Above Me.

Is the site about somebody recounting what they're overhearing on a daily basis? Why, yes.

Dear Girls Above Me is written by a guy who's driven to distraction by the ditzy roommates living in the condo above him. Unlike "$#*! My Dad Says," or the recently sold "Shh ... Don't Tell Steve," however, the entries often dervive humor from our unnamed protagonist's reactions and not just the quotes.

Samples, each prefaced with the phrase "Dear Girls Above Me":

-- “He said he was Spanish but not a Mexican. What the hell, that doesn’t even make sense!” It does to the entire country of Spain.

-- “Aww, I felt so bad, this homeless-looking bearded guy on Fairfax actually thought it was New Years.” Happy Rosh Hashanah ladies.

-- “I want a guy who’s gonna meet me half way, like the Black Eyed Pea’s song.” I want a girl who doesn’t quote the Black Eyed Peas.

-- “You can’t go on birth control, your tits will get bigger than mine! We had a plan!” Does this plan involve small boobs and a baby?

Kutcher, Jason Goldberg and David Schiff are executive producers, with Tim Doyle in negotiations to be an executive producer. Writers on the project are Charlie McDowell and Justin Lader.

Move comes following ABC picking up a comedy pitch based on the blog "Awkward Family Photos" and CBS landing "Shh ... Don't Tell Steve" -- the latter sold by Kutcher about two weeks ago.