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CBS walls off neighborhood for reality show

Block-party In the latest reality show "social experiment," CBS has walled off eight homes in an Atlanta suburb, forcing the neighbors inside to spend time with each other.

The Mike Fleiss project was previously announced as a game show, but some intriguing new details have emerged.

"It will be a bizarre [experience] for all of them," Fleiss said. "This is ambitious as it gets."

Tentatively called "Block Party," the families in will be trapped inside the 20' maximum security-looking wall for about three weeks for a cash prize (see right, photo courtesy of Atlanta Journal Constitution).

The idea is almost like a real-life version of "The Simpsons Movie," where the town of Springfield was sealed under an impenetrable dome. 

"American Idol" vet Matt Rogers will host. Here's a local news video of the structure featuring an interview with Fleiss.


Photos by Helen Kim & Rodney Ho