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Chiklis, Benz create 'No Ordinary Family'

Comic-Con 2010  

Noting that there will be a new twist to the ending of the pilot, series co-creator Jon Harmon Feldman revealed that when ABC’s "No Ordinary Family" premieres Sept. 28, the new conclusion will offer a greater look inside the mythology of the family/super hero drama.

"There’s a bigger villain in this," he said to the packed panel Saturday afternoon.

Following the pilot screening -- in which Romany Malco delivered a string of hilarious one-liners -- stars Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz, along with co-creator Greg Berlanti discussed what attracted them to the show.

"No matter what your family dynamic is, we’re all a little broken … and one great way to fix that is with super powers," Feldman said.

Chiklis, jumping from FX’s "The Shield," said he wanted to do a show because "I get a lair, with WiFi" — in a nod to one of his well-received lines from the pilot.

Berlanti, whom Feldman approached with the concept for "Family" while he was filming "Green Lantern," said he "loved the notion of melding both worlds" -- the super hero and family drama.

Benz, fresh off her character’s shocking death on Showtime’s "Dexter," said she was looking for the strongest character she could find. "Stephanie is the exact opposite of Rita Morgan," Benz said, adding that her character reminds her of the Bionic Woman.

Chicklis, meanwhile, was just thankful there aren’t any plans to have the show’s Powell family wear super hero costumes. "I’m thrilled that I don’t have to wear 60 pounds of orange latex," he said in a reference to the other super hero on his résumé, "Fantastic Four’s" The Thing.

Touching on the recent casting of "Criminal Minds" and "Dirt" alum Josh Stewart as a "watcher" on the series, Feldman said Stewart "watches the family, but not in a ‘Buffy’ sense."

"He takes an interest in the families abilities, and he has abilities himself," Feldman said. "He’ll pose a bit of the threat to the family."