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Conan O'Brien to break silence on '60 Minutes'

Conan O'Brien is nearly ready -- and legally permitted -- to talk.


The late-night host will give his first interview since departing NBC's "The Tonight Show" to CBS news magazine "60 Minutes." 

O'Brien will break his silence on Sunday, May 2 in an interview with veteran corespondent Steve Kroft.

He's not wasting much time -- O'Brien agreed to not give any interviews until after May 1 in his exit deal with NBC.

Those looking for O'Brien to come out swinging might be disappointed,
however, as the host will still be prohibited from
disparaging NBC (at least, that's assuming he wants to keep his enviable severance package -- NBC would gladly take a few insults in exchange for its tens of millions back). 

Also, because of the restrictions CBS cannot promote the segment in advance with clips of O'Brien talking during the interview (there's creative ways around that, though, a network can easily build anticipation for the event without footage -- witness ABC handling the final season premiere of "Lost").