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'Daily Show's' Kristen Schaal Takes on Ricky Gervais, Charlie Sheen at WGAE Ceremony

NEW YORK - Host Kristen Schaal opened the WGA East's edition of the 63rd Annual Writers Guild Awards here by referencing last month's much-discussed Golden Globes hosting performance by Ricky Gervais.

"Now if any of you are concerned that this is going to be like a recent Golden Globes situation, I'll put your mind at ease," said the comedian known as the women's issues correspondent for The Daily Show and Flight of the Conchords. "I'm not going to say anything mean or insensitive about someone to get a cheap, easy laugh. Like: Charlie Sheen - isn't it ironic that he works for the Columbia Broadcasting System. Or: Betty White - she's so old she was on a show that's called Hot for Grover Cleveland. I'm not gonna do that. But I want to so bad."   In her well-received opening monologue, Schaal also quipped that the WGA Awards could lovingly be known as the "introverted Emmys."   She also said writers deserve these honors. "Without you, there would be no show in showbiz," she said. "You're the creators, you're the rockstars, and you're Hollywood's best-kept secret. Nobody is saying it or even thinking it."   Schaal also quipped that the awards are one night when writers can work without interference from actors, directors and studios. "That's why tonight is going to be a half hour too long, abandon the three-act structure and have a totally downer ending," she said.   Schaal also joked that "non-racists like me" like to call Black Swan something else - Swan.   She even made a reference to the current political situation in Egypt, saying maybe the crowd shouldn't leave "until Mubarak steps down."   She ended her opening act with a playback music and dance number that she called "sensible opening number."   Schaal later in the show came out in various costumes. At one point, she wore her hair in a wild bun and sported a colorful outfit, joking she had thought she was already done for the night. She also quipped that since there were more male than female nominees, she decided to do two monologues - one regular and one vagina.