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Death of a TV show Twitter feed (pic + vid)

Below, the life and death of the Twitter feed for NBC's "Day One" -- the once promising-sounding sci-fi series that was reduced to a miniseries, then shelved all together.

Here's the network's official nine Tweets to the show's 246 followers:

day one-- It's official! Day One is coming soon to NBC. Watch the preview video now -- 8:04 AM May 4th, 2009 

-- NBC's 2010 mid-season schedule was announced! Day One is airing Mondays at 9/8c! -- 1:36 PM May 19th, 2009 

-- New Behind the Scenes clip for all you Day One fans! http://tiny.cc/ix4UU -- 9:03 AM Aug 21st, 2009 

-- Love the retweets, look for Day One midseason 2010! -- 9:56 AM Sep 1st, 2009 

-- Day One news! RT @globalcouch My first blog post in what feels like forever -- http://globalcouch.com/ -- 1:28 PM Sep 2nd, 2009 

-- Fans: retweet this if you're excited for Day One! -- 2:12 PM Sep 17th, 2009

-- Check out the latest image from the show! Plus, another excuse to watch the trailer! -- 10:51 AM Oct 16th, 2009 

-- Want to learn more about Day One? Get some clues here: http://bit.ly/SL1ND -- 11:55 AM Nov 10th, 2009 

-- Good info for fans! I09 explains the possibilities for a future #DayOne series: http://bit.ly/8RGLTU -- 11:32 AM Jan 12th 

Annnnnd silence.

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