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The final 'Smallville' baddie: Darkseid

Comic-Con 2010  

The main villain for the 10th and final season of "Smallville"?

darkseidDarkseid, revealed producers at Comic-Con.

In addition, star and exec producer Tom Welling will be directing again.

John Schneider also made an appearance. As previously announced, he's returning for the 10th and final season, when the show will hit its 200th episode milestone. At one point, he put out his drivers license as his nameplate, until someone mentioned his address was on it.

Erica Durance will also be appearing for the entirety of Season 10. Justin Hartley will be appearing in 17 episodes. Like Welling, Hartley will be helming an episode.

As far as the character Chloe is concerned, she will be receiving a good sendoff.

Later, at the CW's "Supernatural" panel, it was all about the boys when they took the stage late Sunday morning.

Star Jensen Ackles showed a teaser of his directorial debut, which will be the fourth episode to air but first shot so he could have ample prep time. The scene focused on Bobby confronting Crowley about their deal.

Writer Ben Edlund also shared that he was thinking about doing an episode that involved fairies, featuring a fighting Tinkerbell. Another minor plot point reveal: Dean is domesticated, but will be brought back into the fold.

In a rare moment that made you go, "What?," Misha Collins likened his character Castiel to Boris Yeltsin in post-Soviet Russia.