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Fox Declines 'Lie' Full Season

Fox is declining to pick up a full season of Lie to Me, but insiders caution the decision doesn't necessarily mean the show will get the ax.

The network opting to not order a back nine means production will be halted this month, with Fox leaving open the possibility of ordering more episodes for summer (like it did last year) or next fall. The network already has a full lineup for midseason, and insiders say executives want to wait until spring until they have more information about the network's needs moving forward.

Still, an abbreviated order is never a positive sign for a series, and Lie has been a modest performer in the ratings. On the other hand, Fox has used the drama to fill holes in a few different time periods, and it's performance tends to be fairly consistent.

This year saw executive producer Shawn Ryan opt to leave the show in favor of running The Chicago Code, which joins Fox's schedule in February.