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'Fringe' season finale will mark 'fundamental shift'

Abrams added the finale will leave viewers with an idea of what the next season will look like and excited about what comes next.

"What’s particularly cool about where we’re finally going now is the story is working on all the character’s strengths," Abrams said. "Over the course of the season you find what’s most exciting about a character. You’ll get a little piece of Peter’s ultimate story [in the finale], but it’s also a huge turning point for the other two characters as well."

Another difference is Season 2 will feature less clunky exposition straining to bring new viewers up to speed.

"There’s nothing more crazy than having that sort of massive chuck of exposition thrown at you in the story," he said. "Sometimes the desire of producers/writers/network/studio is to provide clarity ... those kind of monologues of exposition don’t help anyone ... [actor Lance Reddick] delivers them beautifully, but any actor tasked with catching people up deserves a drink at the end of the day."

One reporter asked Abrams if he found it "infuriating" that the last couple minutes of the show was recently cut off for many DVR users due to American Idol overrun. The reporter said Fox was run by "drooling goddamn idiots" for such moves, which perhaps isn’t the best tactic to get re-invited to participate in future interviews, but got a chuckle out of Abrams.

"I will say that I have a different opinion about the network, but I, too, have heard from a number of people [about the issue]," Abrams said. "It is infuriating. And I would be happy to send you the DVD."