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'Glee' Stars Weigh In On Who Could Play Rachel's Two Gay Dads

Hugh Jackman? Seal? Christopher Walken? 'Glee' cast members offer their thoughts on future familial casting.

Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy: Star and Creator Huddle
David Strick

Tuesday night’s episode of Glee gave viewers a glimpse inside Rachel Berry’s house, but there was no sign of her two gay dads. Granted, the oft referenced, as-yet-unrevealed characters were said to be away on the Rosie O’Donnell cruise, but nary a framed photo on the mantel to give some clue as to their future identity -- what gives, Ryan Murphy? We all anticipate that the show’s creator and executive producer will stunt cast the crap out of these two roles, why is it taking so long? 

Thus far, the only persistent rumor has involved Taye Diggs, real-life husband to Idina Menzel, who played Rachel’s biological mother during a five-episode arch in Spring 2010. So in case Murphy is having trouble deciding who might be worthy of playing adoptive fathers to Lea Michele’s Broadway-bound drama queen, we posed the question to a few Glee stars. 

Matthew Morrison’s suggestion: “Nathan Lane and Danny DeVito,” he told THR at the Clive Davis pre-Grammy gala, where Glee guest Kristin Chenoweth’s also offered her two cents. “I would like to see an African-American in there,” she said. “Maybe Seal? Then the other guy has to be real white… Hugh Jackman?”

Darren Criss, on the other hand, was stumped.”I don’t know, I’d want to think about it [because] I’m very meticulous about these things,” he said. “I'll tell you who I'd love to play someone's grandfather: Christopher Walken! Come to Glee, please!”

If you had your pick, who would you cast in these two pivotal and presumably recurring roles?