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'Jersey Shore' panel: Snooki to release dictionary

TCA 2010  

snooki"It obviously wasn't a good time," said Snooki of her recent brief incarceration at MTV's "Jersey Shore" panel.

The entire cast is standing on stage. This in itself is quite weird. It's like they're too cool for chairs. (MTV wanted to change things up for the top-rated hit; sitting in chairs was deemed "too corporate" ... also, the girls' skirts were short enough to cause concern).

Even standing, nearly all of them look about 5'7" tops.

Continues Snooki: "I didn't hurt anybody … I just went out to have a good time on the beach ... I was in the drunk tank for a little bit … I had too many tequilas… stuff like this happens in Jersey."

Also on stage was Deena Nicole Cortese, a friend of Snooki's who is officially joining the cast.

Critics wanted to know how the returning cast can be authentic in the second season now that they're famous and surrounded by paparazzi and have product lines.

"We're still the same kids," said The Situation. "We go out, we have fun. I cook every Sunday. It really hasn't changed that much."

"I'm just Snookin," added Snooki, who later clarified: "Snookin' is when i'm looking for a guy. If i Snook the night, I took the night."

A "Snooktionary" is coming to a bookstore near you. Really!

Asked what they want to do "when you grow up," Situation said he'd like to work either in front of or behind the camera; Snooki said she wants to work with animals, but also said she could do "Jersey Shore" "forever."

Asked the inevitable "is the show offensive to Italians?" question, programming president Tony DiSanto, who happens to be Italian, gave the best response: "It's not a show about Italians, youknowwhatImean?"

And finally, some sage advice from Pauly D: You'd be surprising how entertaining you are just being yourself."