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Kate Gosselin, Sarah Palin Go Camping

In a promo from 'Sarah Palin’s Alaska,' Gosselin cries and cover her ears while Palin shoots guns.

Kate Gosselin makes a guest appearance on Sarah Palin's TLC reality show on Dec. 5.

In the clip above, Palin asks her daughter, "How would you like to go camping with Kate and her eight kids?" Says Willow, "Yay!"

Palin explains why she's getting together with Gosselin (besides the fact their shows both air on TLC), "Our ruggedness is really a mystery in the lower 48 states."

Palin takes Gosselin to a gun range, and says, "She's going to rely on me to protect her." Gosselin shudders and covers her ears -- and later cries while holding a sandwich: "I'm hungry!"

In the end, Palin tells Gosselin, "C'mon, it wasn't that bad."