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Is Kirk Cameron the real-life Dr. Horrible?

Is it just me, or has Kirk Cameron become Neil Patrick Harris’ evil twin?

As some of you know, Cameron recently issued this dispatch from his video blog lair announcing his plot to subvert "Darwin Day," a event marking the 150th anniversary of the publishing of Charles Darwin’s "Origin of Species."

The former "Growing Pains" star-turned-evangelical Christian will send Darwin Day into chaos by passing out 50,000 copies of Darwin’s book to students at universities around the country. Only Cameron’s special copies will be altered to include the teachings of the gospel instead of just evolution. Muah-ha-ha-ha! Minds will be blown! The system will fall!

Even those who have seen this video before might not have noticed Cameron is beginning to resemble a certain fictional online villain...

"This is a beautiful 304-page color edition of Darwin’s famous ‘Origin of Species,’" said Cameron of his Trojan bibles. "So who isn’t going to take it and say, ‘Thank you very much’?"

Brilliant! Overwhelmed college students couldn’t possibly resist the temptation of a doctored 150-year-old biology text.

Here’s Dr. Horrible Mr. Cameron explaining how the world is a mess and he just needs to rule it.

Thank you very much, Kirk!

Everyyear since their 1980s child TV sitcom stardom, NPH has gottenprogressively cooler and KC has become lamer. Compelling evidence ofevolution at work.

Darwin Day, btw, is Nov. 22, for those stragglers who haven’t made their big Darwin Day festivity plans yet. I’m dressing as a Galapagos Island finch.

For the five people online who haven't watched this yet...

And to continue the parallel Whedon-verse theory here, Cameron has also founded something called "The Firefly Foundation."