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Larry King's worst interview moments (video)

By Georg Szalai

After 25 years as CNN's flagship show, "Larry King Live" will come to an end this fall (see the announcement video). In that time, King sat with world leaders, moguls and celebrities for many a memorable interview. But King has shown signs of wear and tear in recent years. Take a look at some of the interviews that went awry, prompted headlines...and were just plain head-scratching.

King on Roman Polanski
Early this year, King talked to Debra Tate, Roman Polanski's former sister-in-law. The conversation took an unexpected turn when he accidentally suggested that Polanski had killed her sister.

"Maybe silly, but I guess we have to ask it"

King this year also asked Democratic Congressman Eric Massa about
allegations he had groped a male staffer. King’s way of asking a tough
question ("Are you gay?") earned him indignation -- and no response.

King meets Lady Gaga
As part of his 25th anniversary celebration, King this year had a chat with pop-chart queen Lady Gaga. Critics ripped him for the odd way he asked about her reported medical condition--"There was a story about lupus or something?" he asked--and for failing to really connect with the singer.

A show about nothing
In 2007, King raised the ire of Jerry Seinfeld when he asked him if he
indeed decided to end the run of his hit sitcom after nine years.
"Is this still CNN?!" and "Do you know who I am?!" were two of Seinfeld’s

King and the dead Beatle
Also in 2007, Larry King had a reunion of Beatles Paul McCartney and
Ringo Starr. At one point, though, he called the latter George (Harrison).
Check out the interaction around 6:35 into this video ...

Mr. King and the former Miss California
In an appearance last fall,
former Miss California Carrie Prejean threatened to leave the "Larry King
Live" set mid-interview, arguing that the generally benign King was asking
"inappropriate" questions.

Do you have your own favorite Larry King mishap? Let us know in the comments section below.