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Leonard Nimoy talks 'Fringe' return

By Reuters

Actor Leonard Nimoy returns to U.S. television this week in his newguise as a mysterious mastermind on the show "Fringe," but doubts thathis Mr. Spock will head back to space, the final frontier.

Nimoy, 78, reprised his role as Spock, playing an older version ofthe character in director J.J. Abrams new movie take on "Star Trek"this year. But he told reporters on Wednesday he does not think therewill be a role for him in the sequel, slated for release in 2011.

"I think I was useful in this last film to help bridge between the original actors and this new cast," Nimoy said.

"They have a wonderful new cast in place... and I don't see why theywould need me in this next film. But if they called me, I would behappy to have a conversation about it," Nimoy said in a conference call.

"Heroes" star Zachary Quinto played the younger version of Spock inthe latest "Star Trek" movie, and Nimoy and Quinto acted together inone time defying scene, as old and young Spock met face-to-face.

It was the connection with Abrams that led to Nimoy's briefappearance in May on "Fringe" -- the Fox science fiction TV showcreated by Abrams that explores the existence of a parallel universe.

Nimoy said viewers will learn more about his character William Bell,the founder of a mysterious corporation called Massive Dynamic, whenthey see him again in an episode airing on Thursday, and in at leastone more episode this year.

Discussions are under way regarding further appearances.

Nimoy described Bell as a "master of the universe" character who is"brilliant, wealthy and very powerful." As for whether Bell is good orevil, "time will tell," he said.

"The character was somewhat a blank slate and therefore attractive,because there is an opportunity to build an interesting andunpredictable character," he said.

Nimoy all but gave up acting for photography 10 years ago, but said he is enjoying his comeback.

"I am very flattered that people are still finding me useful," Nimoysaid. "I still feel strong and healthy and active, and as long as thereis interesting work to do, I'll probably keep on doing it."