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Why the new 'Nikita' kicks more ass

Comic-Con 2010  

(Spoiler alert!) "It’s not just a rehash," creator Craig Silverstein told the filled Comic-Con ballroom during the panel for freshman action series "Nikita."

First a French film, then a U.S. remake and later a TV series, Silverstein said the CW’s new show will explore what happens to Nikita after she breaks free of the U.S. government’s secret unit, adding that the double-agent story line with Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) adds another level to the story.

"No one has ever told her story after-the-fact; they don’t know where she’s going," series star Maggie Q added.

maggie q"We’re going to peel back the story of how Alex and Nikita met," Silverstein said. "We’ll peel back those layers quickly. It’s the focus of the entire season.

"There are going to be twists and the relationship between Alex and Nikita will run into some trouble," he added.

As for the action that filled the pilot shown to the packed ballroom, Fonseca said both she and Maggie Q did a lot of stunt-training and conditioning, and that she has a "killer" catfight coming up.

Currently filming Episode 2, Silverstein said the series will have a lot of "Jason Bourne-type stuff. It’s Nikita by way of ‘Batman Begins’ — with a big shocker at the end of the season." Asked who would win in a battle of "all the Nikitas throughout pop culture history," it was a no-brainer for Maggie Q: "Oh please!" she said. "I know who’s going to lose!"

Nikita premieres Sept. 9 at 9 p.m. on the CW.