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Olbermann Suspends 'Worst Persons' Segment

MSNBC Countdown host Keith Olbermann announced tonight he's suspending his longtime "Worst Persons in the World" segment in the wake of Jon Stewart's slam of cable news anger and partisanship at last weekend's rally.

"There is an institutionalization of it that may no longer be valid," Olbermann said. "That is the 'Worst Persons in the World' segment, which started as a way, of all things, of defending Tucker Carlson. Its satire and whimsy have gradually gotten lost in some anger, so in the spirit of the thing, as of right now, I am unilaterally suspending that segment with an eye towards discontinuing it. We don't know how that works long-term. We might bring it back. We might bring back something similar to it. We might kill it outright."

Olbermann defended MSNBC, however, from Stewart's criticisms that suggested MSNBC and Fox News are equally problematic.

"Sticking up for the powerless is not the moral equivalent of sticking up for the powerful," the host said.

Here's the clip: