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The PTC's 18 Dirty Words You Shouldn't Say on TV

Parents TV Council claims profanity is up a shocking percentage in primetime. (In fact, they say it's up 69% ... snicker). While I don't think the PTC would intentionally cook their numbers, they're not exactly an unbiased organization about this stuff, so you have to be a tad skeptical when any activist group presents in-house research.

Most interesting is the PTC's list of words they're objecting to (their chart, below), which expands mightily on George Carlin's famous list of seven words you can never say on TV.

Wondering: Does the Bible-based "hell" and "damn" really seem like profanity? What about "suck" and "screw"? Is bleeped profanity the same as profanity that you actually hear? (Perhaps ... you do sort of get the point). And is anybody else curious what the euphemisms were for "fuck"? And what does "other breasts" mean, exactly?