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'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion: Top 5 Juiciest Moments

Lisa dishes on Cedric feud; Camille apologizes to Kyle - and more.

Camille Grammer
Adam Olszewski/Bravo

The second installment of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion was just as juicy as the first. The top 5 biggest revelations:

1. Lisa explains her fallout with Cedric She and her husband Ken had been telling their pal Cedric all season he had to leave - he'd been living with them for more than a year. One day, Lisa said he got "very nasty and aggressive" and told them he was moving out (he packed all his belongings in Ken's suitcases, she said). "The last words I said to him was, 'I do not want this.' He screamed at me in my face, 'You're not my mother!'" After he left, he telephoned them saying he wanted to talk. "What he wanted, we weren't going to give him," Lisa said. He said he had no money and said he'd been offered to sell his story. She ended up filing a police report. "He was in my will … I am stupid, I feel a fool," she said. "Every word that came out of his mouth was a lie … He said it doesn't matter, they'll believe me." Cedric appeared in a pre-taped segment and slammed Lisa for her "ego," adding that she's become "a parody of herself … I want to shake her and say, 'Lisa, come back to reality. You used to be fun!' I would not necessary believe what she says or what you think you know about what she says." Ken, who also appeared on the reunion, defended his wife. He said Cedric told him, "'I f-----g hate your wife, and I hate you, and I hate your f-----g kids" before he moved out. Said Ken, "How I didn't hit him, I'll never know to this day. I've said to him, 'I've never met a more despicable person in my life.' Hate him, hate him, hate him."   2. Taylor says she and her husband won't split Though they appeared at odds throughout the season (she called their marriage 80 percent business, 20 percent love), she said: "There's definitely love there." When they filmed the show, "there was inattentiveness on both of our behalves … I think we let that happen." On the show's finale, they were about to take a trip to Mexico. On the trip, Taylor said, "We had some serious conversations about the fact that things had to change or they had to end. We agreed that we want to keep our family together."   3. Adrienne is the only married housewife who has signed a prenup "Of course!" she said. Her husband Paul added, "You never know what's going to happen!"   4. Kyle and Kim say they're working on their relationship Kyle said she sees how she can come off as mean to her sister Kim. "Sometimes she misplaces her anger - you take it out on the people you love," Kim said. Kyle said she could be "a lot more gentle" with Kim. But, she said, "It's who I am. I think tough love - I take it a little too far maybe." Kim said it's "been hard" seeing their relationship unravel on the show. "I feel at times she is a little too hard on me," she said. "I love her, and I don't want to fight with her…." They said they are moving past their ugly finale fight. "In a heated moment, things are said and done that you want to take back and you can't…" Kim said. "I don't want to discuss that night at all. Everything is really good today, and I'd like to keep it that way." Kyle said, "I would give anything to take back that night. It created so much anxiety in the past few months." She wouldn't talk about her claims on the finale that Kim is an alcoholic. Asked by host Andy Cohen if she has a drinking problem, Kim said, "No. There's nothing I want to talk about that night at all. Thank you."   5. Camille apologizes to Kyle Camille said she is "cautiously optimistic" that she and Kyle can get past their feud and be pals. "I feel awful," she told Kyle of her on-camera behavior. "I've had a tough year, and that's no excuse." Both Camille and Kyle said one of their biggest regrets from the season is their feud. Camille also addressed her psychic pal Allison Dubois' claim that Kyle will never be emotionally fulfilled in her marriage. "I think the read she was getting on her was me," said Camille, who is in the middle of divorcing actor Kelsey Grammer.