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'Skins' Recap: Lesbian Sex, Vodka Chugging and Lusting After Audrey Hepburn

Find out what happened on the second episode of MTV's racy new drama.


The second episode of MTV's controversial teen drama Skins kicked off with two girls eyeing each other in a classroom. 

The next scene shows one of the girls, Tea (Sofia Black D’Elia), getting undressed, taking a pill and heading  to a lesbian club (with a fake ID).
There, she spies the girl from class, Betty, and they begin to dirty dancing before engaging in  a full-on makeout session.  
They end up having sex at Tea's house.
Tea's father doesn't suspect anything the next morning when the girl appears in their hallway (neither is out of the closet).
"Ok, look, I don't want … you better not tell anyone … don't," Betty urges Tea of their one-night stand.
Later, Tea's friend asks her if she had a good night. "It was all right," Tea replies. "A lot of lickin.'"
"Are you up for breakfast, or did you eat a lot last night?" Tea's pal then jokingly asks.
Tea's wild times aren't over.
Later in the episode, she masturbates to a poster of Audrey Hepburn.
She stays up late, lamenting out loud: "Girls I sleep with bore me. They're catty, clingy. I don't know. It never feels enough. Is it too much to ask for someone to be interesting? I just want to feel equal."
Tea's relations with her family are semi-strained. She ends up agreeing to go on a date with a boy to please her father.
Turns out, the date is with Tony (James Newman), one of her pals from school.
They end up drinking vodka on a playground. "Oh, I'm gonna puke," Tea says and then gargles vodka after she upchucks.
"You don't really give a shit, do you?" Tony asks.
"I really don't," says Tea.
Tea and Tony are just friends - he knows she is into girls, and he is sort of seeing another girl from school anyway.
But at one point on their date - blame it on the alcohol, perhaps - they almost get it on.
"That was terrible!" Tea says, cracking up, after he climbs on top of her and begins making out.
The rest of the episode takes some unexpected twists. Tea's grandmother confides in her that she once had a female lover.
By the end of the episode, Betty (who was apprehensive about making her feelings for Tea public) works up courage and kisses Tea on the lips in the cafeteria with everyone staring on. 
One of Tea's friends then shouts to a group of boys, "Hey, why don't you go screw each other in the ass?" to get them to to quit staring.