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'Skins:' See the Controversial U.K. Promo (Video)

In one scene, a teen points a gun at another; in a second scene, a girl strips.

The U.K. version of Skins returned to E4 Thursday night.

The promo -- still currently airing on the network (watch above) -- features a scene with one teen holding a gun at another in point-blank range, another with a teen stripping and a third in which a girl taunts, "You're just a frightened little virgin!"

Eighteen-year-old actress Laya Lewis, who plays party girl Liv, told The Independent newspaper that she was asked to simulate an orgasm on her second day on set. It will air later this season.

"I had to get naked on my second day! I didn't even know I was doing it, I thought it was just going to be a bit of rumpy-pumpy, not a full-on sex scene," she said. "The next thing I'm hearing from the director is, 'In 15 seconds, Laya, we'd like you to climax'. I was like, 'Sorry, what?'"

She says the scene is the "most graphic" in the series' five season on air.

"Put it this way, I will be leaving the room when this scene comes on if I'm with my parents," she says. "The producers have already told me it's the most full-on sex scene 'Skins' has ever had. I'm a bit worried to be honest."

The MTV reboot of the show has come under fire by the Parents Television Council, which waged a campaign against the show that led to eight major advertisers pulling out. Viacom executives also reportedly urged producers to tone down the sex scenes for fear of violating federal child pornography laws.

Ratings dropped 50 percent in the second episode that aired earlier this week.