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Study: Dems watch more TV, Republicans more sports

A new study says Democrats watch more TV, but dedicated sports fans are more likely to vote for Republican candidates.

The survey, from National Media Inc. using data from Nielsen and Arbitron, concludes that media buyers looking to target conservative viewers should dedicate ad dollars to sports telecasts -- particularly, the PGA Tour, college football and NASCAR. Of the 26 sports surveyed, 14 skewed Republican.

"The average TV show will deliver 15-25% more Democrats compared to Republicans," said Will Feltus, senior vp of research at National Media, which specializes in buying ads for GOP clients. "The moral to the story is that it's harder to find Republican viewers and sports is good place to find them."

Most TV formats have largely audiences that consist mostly of Democrats, according to the study, with left-leaning viewers dominating genres like local news, late-night talk shows, primetime dramas and comedies.

If targeting Democrat sports fans, ad dollars are better spent on the
NBA Finals and tennis.

Here's two key charts from the research, which is being released tomorrow. Click for larger versions:

Democrat TV

Republican sports