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Super Bowl Bud Commercial: Big Break for a Bad Man

Baddie actor Peter Stormare, who threw Steve Buscemi in a wood chipper in 'Fargo,' finds success as a thirsty desperado.

Budweiser Guy
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One of the funniest commercials on Super Bowl Sunday centered around the menacing gunslinger in Budweiser's "Wild West" ad played by character actor Peter Stormare. He's normally the bad guy on your movie screen, much like he was in the commercial.

Far from menacing in real life, and very Swedish, Stormare nervously watched the commercial at the Anheuser-Busch Entertainment Party in Los Angeles on Sunday and spoke to The Hollywood Reporter afterwards.

After big applause and many slaps on the back, Stormare called the feedback "better than an Oscar nomination."

The character actor is used to playing baddies/crazies. He even threw Steve Buscemi in the woodchopper in Fargo, played Lucifer (not much badder than that) and the crazed Russian astronaut in Armageddon.

Stormare said he was proud to be a part of "Super Bowl history" calling it a moment that comes "once in a lifetime."

Here's more from the interview:
THR: So this is the first time you've seen the commercial?
PS: Yes. We only shot it in January.
THR: Was it nerve-wracking to watch in front of all this people?
PS: A little bit. It's a very famous Elton John song. I'm glad they used my voice instead of Elton's. But there were only two people that knew I was here. And it got big applause.
THR: That was your voice?
PS: Yah, I'm a pretty good singer -- when I went to be and when I get paid well.
THR: But you have a hit commercial.
PS: It's better than an Oscar nomination. A Bud commercial at the Super Bowl comes once in a lifetime. You can get a nomination maybe two or three times. I fought hard for this. They liked what I could bring to it. The rest is Super Bowl history.
THR: It's been ten minutes since it has aired, how has your life changed?
PS: A lot of people are shaking my hands. They are saying that guy who looks like Santa Claus is the guy in the commercial.
THR: You don't seem so bad-ass, how does this come about?
PS: Usually being born in Europe and doing a lot of accents you do a lot of bad-asses. I get the baddie parts. They are more interesting. I've been a baddie for 120 movies. I was Lucifer in Constantine, I was the bleach-blonde who put Steve Buscemi in the woodchippper in Fargo and the Russian astronaut in Armageddon. Fargo is the most legendary part. It plays over and over again.
THR: What's with the beard -- Uni-bomber or Santa Claus?
PS: I hope Santa Claus not the Uni-bomber. No, I'm hoping David Lynch will cast me in his next movie. Actually, it's for a movie. But I cannot talk about it.