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Teutul: 'American Chopper' is 'going off the air'?

"American Chopper" third wheel Mikey Teutul made an unexpected comment on "Larry King Live" the other night, abruptly declaring that the veteran series was going "off the air."

The statement visibly took fellow docusoap castmates Paul Teutul Sr. and Teutul Jr. by surprise, as well as (less visibly) the show's network, TLC.

Although plans for a seventh season are not set, be assured TLC plans to continue the show as do, sources say, Teutul Sr. and Jr. Whether comic relief Mikey will be back is "up to him."

Here's the relevant segment from the transcript:

KING: Your show is in the sixth year, Mikey.

M. TEUTEL: Itmost certainly is. I think -- I'm taking a lot of liberty in sayingthis, but I think it is over after this season.

PAUL TEUTEL, JR.: Shocking.

KING: Why?

M. TEUTEL: It's just run its course.

KING: You are going off the air?

PAUL TEUTEL, JR.: Are we going off the air?

M. TEUTEL: We are going off the air.


KING: You'll stay on the air? Mikey, why?

M. TEUTEL: I'm tired of doing the show.

KING: You leave and there is no show?

M. TEUTEL: I don't know. I'm notwilling to hedge my bet. You know what happened to David Caruso. He gotflung across the kitchen floor on that one. As far as doing this, andbeing with family and the politics involved, and all the animosity andjust everything bad that goes with it --

[Up until that point, King had been killing time asking about things like Mikey's drawing hobby. Now a genuine moment of potential news has dropped his lap. How will King, interviewer extraordinaire, follow up on this potential headline-making opportunity that's seemingly revealed a crucial riff among his guests?]

KING: Are you married?

M. TEUTEL: Not yet.

KING: Do you have a girlfriend?

M. TEUTEL: I have a fiancee.

KING: When is the date?

M. TEUTEL: It is June 5th next year.

KING: Congratulations. What about you?

PAUL TEUTEL, JR.: I have a girlfriend. I don't know. I'm going to ask her soon, I think.

KING: We only have 20 seconds.

PAUL TEUTEL, JR.: I have to ask her father first.

KING: Are you kidding?


KING: Is she underage?

M.TEUTEL: No. She is in the green room right now.

KING: OK. Thanks. Don't leave television. Bad mistake.

PAUL TEUTEL, SR.: We won't. We won't ever leave television.

KING: TLC, you lose them, you lose me. That's it. Hey, that's toughstuff. Time now for my man Anderson Cooper and "AC 360." Anderson?

Here's a clip, but it cuts out before this segment ...