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Just in time: TV Hall of Fame to induct Roddenberry

Did you know there was a TV Academy Hall of Fame?

I cover TV. I didn't know there was a TV Academy Hall of Fame.

But it seems Gene Roddenberry, Candice Bergen and the Smothers Brothers are getting inducted.

The freakin' Smothers Brothers ...

TV Hall of Fame -- they're just now getting around to the Smothers Brothers. Is Lucille Ball next year?

All Hall of Fames have the same problem. They induct people so far after their biggest achievements that nobody cares when it finally happens. The inductees are both totally obvious and years-away-from-timely ... and often, like in the case of Roddenberry, they're inconveniently dead.

Here's our favorite wire service with more...

By Reuters

Late "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry, comedy duo Tom and DickSmothers and actress Candice Bergen will be among those inducted intothe Television Academy's Hall of Fame in January.

The Television Academy said on Tuesday they would be joined by"Saturday Night Live" and game show announcer Don Pardo, "The Price IsRight" game show creator Bob Stewart and Emmy-award winning artdirector Charles Lisanby for the annual ceremony.

"This year's inductees have challenged and shaped popular cultureand entertained us royally while doing so," said Television Academychairman John Shaffner.

Bergen is best known for her role in the 1990s CBS comedy "MurphyBrown," while the Smothers Brothers started their TV career in the1960s and are still performing for audiences around the United States.

Roddenberry's "Star Trek" franchise includes 10 movies and 7 TV series stretching back to 1966.