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Top 6 Wildest Moments of Beverly Hills 'Housewives' Reunion

Camille and Kyle go at it; Taylor and Kim square off

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion Thursday was anything but calm. The five biggest "meow!" moments:

1. Camille says she's been "villainized"
When host Andy Cohen begins rattling off the negative names Camille's been called (including one tabloid dubbing her "the most hated" housewife), Camille says: "It's very hurtful because I don't think they're seeing the real me on the the show." She says her fight with Kyle and the end of her marriage to the "beloved" Kelsey Grammer didn't help her image. "I think I've been villainized … " she says. The show "is not accurate portrayal of who I am." Taylor jumps to Camille's defense: "These people can sit behind their computers and write negative words … but they don't know her, and I just think it's cowardly."
2. Kyle says Camille has done "soft-core porn"
Camille admits doing a Cinemax movie when she was in her 20s. Kyle calls her out for saying on the show that her friend Faye Resnick was "morally corrupt" for posing in Playboy since she did "soft-core porn": "You have the balls of burglar to be throwing rocks like that."

3. Camille details how her marriage to Kelsey deteriorated
At the beginning of shooting in February, she says he used to call her several times a day. Soon, she says, "His phone calls kept cutting back. And then he'd text. And then the texts would stop." She later learned he was having an affair behind her back (she feels he encouraged her to do the Bravo show because it would keep her occupied so he could cheat). As for their current relationship, she says, "We don't speak. I want to speak … I think we need to co-parent and communicate." She says they did not have a prenup but won't "give the figure" she is seeking from him. She smiles coyly when host Andy Cohen says $40 million. 
4. Taylor and Kim square off … again
Kim calls out Taylor - who heads an anti-violence charity group - for telling her earlier in the season that she wanted to go "Oklahoma" on her since she is an anti-violence advocate. Taylor tells Kim the "Oklahoma" remark "was kind of a joke ... and I don't appreciate you bringing my charity into it … I've never laid a hand on anyone in my entire life … If that was taken in a way that makes me seem like I'm a violent person, then I misspoke." Kim also accuses Taylor of stirring up drama between Kyle and Camille. Taylor tells her to "tread softly" and then makes vague remarks about Kim's "frame of mind" but never elaborates.
5. Taylor says she won't get a lip reduction
"A lot of people would probably like that," she says, adding that viewers Tweet her all the time about her inflated lips. "People think about it a lot. A lot of people say your mouth seems abnormally large."
6. Camille calls Kyle a "bully"
The two rehash their fight from this season (Camille claims Kyle told her, "Why would anyone be interested in you without your big star husband?") "I've had enough of your bullying," Camille tells Kyle, who shoots back, "Quit using the buzzword of the moment." Camille doesn't back down: "This whole season was set up to make me look bad," she tells Kyle. "Everybody in America thinks I'm delusional because you started it."
The feuding continues on part two of the reunion Tuesday on Bravo. For more from the Housewives, click here to see video of the incredible closets.