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'Turn Off Fox'! Wait ... what? (pic)

turn off fox

Washington lobbying group Color of Change is offering a free sticker to anybody who's fed up with the conservative rhetoric of Fox News.

Here's the sticker, right.

Anybody else see a problem with this campaign design?

Yeah! Turn off Fox! Fox and its gay friendly musical drama "Glee"! And subversive raunchy humor of "Family Guy"! And longtime progressive leanings of "The Simpsons"! And ... waaait a second.

Fox is, of course, the nation's top-rated broadcast network. And it is not Fox News, which is also owned by News Corp. You could certainly argue that canceling "Firefly" was "Bad News For America," but the network is really no more politically right wing than any other broadcaster. (And though nobody working there would ever publicly say anything against its intense news network cousin, privately they snicker watching Jon Stewart just as much as the next guy). 

So for anybody who's really annoyed about Booth and Brennan's team being split up on "Bones," or is a TV reporter tired of asking the network for confirmation on "American Idol" judging rumors, you can get your sticker here.

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