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Another Twitter feed gets CBS comedy deal

dont tell steve 1Exclu: Call it "$#*! My Roommate Says."

CBS is developing two new comedies, including a project based off a Twitter feed produced by social-media master Ashton Kutcher.

Following on the successful launch of its Twitter-inspired comedy "$#*! My Dad Says" last week, CBS has made a script deal for "Shh … Don't Tell Steve," based on a Twitter feed by the same name.

The CBS version of "Don't Tell Steve" is about man who deals with an immature roommate. Like "$#*! My Dad Says," the Twitter feed's premise is a guy who secretly Tweets the actions of somebody he lives with (in this case, his jobless, drunken roommate). The feed has drawn more than 13,000 followers.

Samples from the feed: "Steve loudly challenging people to a drinking contest. Nobody biting, so he's just doing shots and declaring himself the winner" … "Steve, just now, yelling from our bathroom: 'Total Asparagus pee bro! Come smell!'" … and his latest Tweet, fittingly for a feed that just landed a CBS sitcom deal: "Steve on TV Premiere Week: You are not making me watch the 'Dancing Washed Up Stars' results show. We're watching 'NCIS.'"

If "Don't Tell Steve" makes it to air, it could serve as a possible companion series to "$#*! My Dad Says" -- a sort of Must-Tweet TV.

CBS TV Studios and Katalyst will produce the project. Andrew Waller and Mike Gagerman are the writer-supervising producers. Ashton Kutcher, who has an astounding 5.8 million followers on the popular social media site, and his producing partner Jason Goldberg, along with Karey Burke are executive producers.

The second deal is for "Murses," a multi-camera comedy which follows two male nurses.

Jake Lentz and David Weinstein are the writer-supervising producers. CBS TV Studios and New Wave are producing.