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Whedon plans 'Dollhouse' webisodes

TCA -- Joss Whedon plans to shoot webisodes for his midseason Fox series "Dollhouse."

A lot of them.

"We are planning to do a series of webisodes -- literally a full season of them," Whedon says. "We're planning to do one for every episode produced. Whether we pull that off remains to be seen."

Though producing such a large number of webisodes is unusual -- "Dollhouse" has a 13-episode order, for starters -- having a strong Web component is a natural for the show given Whedon's avid online following.

Webisodes are often used as a promotional ramp-up to a series premiere, or to maintain viewer interest in a show between seasons. But sources say Fox intends to release the three-minute videos throughout the "Dollhouse" first season broadcast run so that each on-air episode may include a tease to a new webisode.

Because Whedon is shooting a new "Dollhouse" pilot, he’s also re-assessing which webisodes he will produce.

"Because of the [pilot] shake-up, we sort of stepped back to figure out which to use," he says. "We have a lot of ideas about specific arcs. We want to do stories around 'Dollhouse' that we can’t get in to the main narrative."

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