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William Shatner: CBS should call my show ...

TCA 2010  

A critic at press tour to William Shatner, here for his upcoming CBS sitcom "$#*! My Dad Says": "With your old-fashioned sensibilities, wouldn't you love for them to change the title?"

103144294Shatner: "Do you know what I wish? I wish they would call it 'Shit [My Dad Says]' (critics clapping). I've got grandchildren. I brought up three girls. They've all got kids. Okay? And you say 'Boopy doo-doo, you've got to make poo-poo. Come on. Make poo-poo in the toilet.' Eventually, 'poo-poo' becomes 'shit.' 'Go take a shit, and you'll feel better.' You say that to your kids. The word 'shit' is around us. It isn't a terrible term. It's a natural function. Why are we pussyfooting?"