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Does Annette Bening Want to Be Alone?

Tom O'Neil, Pete Hammond and I explore why Annette Bening is not madly campaigning against Natalie Portman -- is she being "coached by Warren Beatty"? Does she fear journos will bring up the transgender child issue? I think she realizes that whereas Sandra Bullock had to campaign last year because her Oscar was unthinkable, Annette's problem is she's all too thinkable, so it's smart to lie a bit low. Pete thinks she's been available enough, and shouldn't have to say yes to everybody.

I say Nicole Kidman, in town to court press at last, "could charm the skin off a snake, and here we are." Plus, reasons why Jennifer Lawrence, Tilda Swinton, Halle Berry and Michelle Williams might be upset contenders, probably in that order. But not unless the critics groups are kind starting this weekend.