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Kevin Smith Kisses the King's Ring (George's or Harvey's?)

Kevin Smith and Jennifer Schwalbach
Getty Images

Kevin Smith just twittered, "Holy f---, I loved THE KING'S SPEECH. Laughs, tears & a heart as big as any Pixar flick's. Rush, Firth & Bonham Carter crush it. Find & see."

We're down with that, but wonder which king he's bowing to. George VI (Firth's stuttering role)? Or Harvey Weinstein?

After long wandering in the wilderness, Weinstein is re-enthroned, staging spectacular Oscar-odd-upping battles with the MPAA just like the old days. MPAA succumbed to his stentorian suggestion to lower Blue Valentine's NC-17 rating to an R, but inexplicably held its ground in rating the excellent family-values picture The King's Speech R for comic cursing. Really, any Weinstein movie should be rated PR.

So has Smith forgiven Weinstein for spurning his mad plan for the cheapo horror movie Red State, about Kevin Smith-like outsider guys battling middle American fundamentalists? Did Smith forgive Weinstein for the marketing of Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which Slashfilm says "could have been a higher grossing film with a better studio behind the publicity"?

Um, wasn't the problem with that suicidal title? And was Smith a marketing genius when he titled his big-studio debut A Couple of Dicks, which Warner Bros. understandably changed to Cop Out? "Losing A Couple of Dicks was almost like losing my own dick," Smith told EW.

Anyhow, does Smith now forgive Weinstein and hope maybe he'll back, say, Red State, if the rights don't cost too much? And does Weinstein need his indie cred as much as he did when, two years after Reservoir Dogs, Clerks made it look like Smith might be the next Tarantino? Smith once said of Weinstein, "In the dysfunctional family that is the movie biz, I couldn't ask for a better father." Is the father-son relationship all healed, unlike the one in The King's Speech?

Who knows? Maybe Kevin Smith just really loved The King's Speech.