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Paramount's 'Jackass 3' Oscar Ad: The Crucial Missing Quote


Jackass 3 just got a campaign ad for 11 Oscars, with no-joke actual critic quotes -- but they left out the best one. Here it is, for your consideration.

"Hope it made y'all laugh your asses off," star Johnny Knoxville tweeted when Jackass 3D opened in October. Now asses are laughing at the $117 million prankfest's Oscar ad, ahead of its March 8 DVD release (minus the 3D since it isn't -- don't try 3D at home, kids).

The real quote from the New York Times invokes Bunuel; the Boston Globe namechecks Avatar -- and in the original Wesley Morris review, Chaplin, Keaton, Sennett and the Three Stooges.

Plus, Morris offers this far superior encomium: "Would have made me cry were I not already laughing while suppressing the urge to vomit."

"That's a good quote," says a Paramount source who very much hopes it gets added to the ad. This is the perfect film for Oscar-voter "Steak Eaters."

As long as they aren't eating.

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