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Top 10 Movie Tweeviews: Ira Deutchman's Latest Great Idea

Waiting For Superman

Ira Deutchman, the Fine Line guy who brought you The Player, Naked and My Own Private Idaho, just invented a 140-word film-review site, Movie Tweeviews, written by some name critics (Thelma Adams, Joe Leydon), curators, distributors, fans and filmmakers. Deutchman, now Emerging Pictures managing partner and a Columbia prof, created the site with help from New York Times-turned-Indiewire critic Caryn James, who still contributes. He blogs as nyindieguy, and you can write for Movie Tweeviews too if your haiku fu cuts the mustard. Here's the rules (basically, no corrupt promotion of self or pals, be clever and "don't use the word 'awesome' more than once a year").

The posts are so quick and addictive, voters might want to check them out:

"Winter's Bone: chilling, tough minded southern cousin of Frozen River."

"The Fighter's all heart + earned emotion. Plenty of scenery to chew but expert actors keep it real. Oscar for Christian Bale no doubt."

"#HowDoYouKnow: Bad title, worse movie. How can so many talented people make such an atrocious film?"

Here are the 2010 nyindieguy Movie Tweeviews that got the most retweets, showing that indie film fans are concerned with politics and turkeys, both cinematic and seasonably edible:

1. #SocialNetwork is easily THE movie of the year...smart, great writing, great acting and amazingly entertaining. Don't miss it. #MTRV

2. #Somewhere: Sofia channels her inner Jarmusch in Entourage territory. Not a knock. It's austere, beautiful and surprisingly moving. #mtrv

3. The turkey holocaust is over. Is there any other holiday that targets a particular species quite like this?

4. Give thanks to all those intrepid folks who bring great movies to discerning audiences. Visit your local art house this weekend

5. The downside of the indie film self-help business are the people who don't listen. #DistribU

6. Hmm. Time to go digital? RT @rfcmovies: Our print of Waiting for Superman [pictured] missed its flight and will be arriving late

7. #WintersBone: a trip to the darkest heart of America; Deliverance for the new depression. Terrifying & heartbreaking. #mtrv

8. Losing the house... an experience now shared by Democrats and millions of Americans. Too bad the wrong party is getting the blame

9. Seems like too much blogging and tweeting, and not enough actual filmmaking going on

10. SF vs. Texas. Could the World Series possibly be a better metaphor for the culture wars? Go SF!

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