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What Rupert Murdoch and 'The King's Speech' Have in Common

Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue
Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Wall Street Journal critic Joe Morgenstern says mogul Rupert Murdoch's father was cured by the same therapist as King George VI. So Lionel Logue not only saved England, he has a fan rich as a king.

As if Oscar magnet The King's Speech needed more fans, it apparently has one in News Corp. boss Murdoch, probably a more influential friend than alleged The King's Speech fan Queen Elizabeth. "Several weeks before [The King's Speech] opened, I had a conversation with Rupert Murdoch,"  Morgenstern wrote on Friday, "who popped a question familiar to movie critics: What should he see?"

"I suggested The King's Speech, and, not wanting to spoil it with too many details, gave a shorthand description: Colin Firth as King George VI, who has a terrible stutter, and Geoffrey Rush as a raffish Australian speech therapist."

"'Yes', he replied, Lionel Logue."

"'So you know the story'."

"'Not the story of the movie,' he said. 'Lionel Logue saved my father's life.'"

"When I responded with speechlessness, he explained that his father, as a young man, wanted passionately to be a newspaper reporter, but couldn't interview people because he stuttered. Then he met Lionel Logue, who cured him in less than a year."