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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Machete’s’ Danny Trejo Knocks Texas Film Commission Funding Decision

THR: What was your reaction when you heard the news?
Trejo: It threw me for a loop. It's going back on your word. And that's not Texan. I'm kind of hurt. All the folks at the Alamo would be pretty mad right now.
THR: Does the movie portray Texas in a bad way?
Trejo: I just don't see it. I'd like to know how they felt the Texas Chainsaw Massacre portrayed Texas. I think the way they did this puts Texas in a bad light.  Texans love a good movie. Just ask them about Machete and they loved it.
THR: What did your Texan family think?
Trejo: Everybody in my family was born in San Antonio,  Dallas and Fort Worth. They cannot believe it and neither can anybody else. Everyone of my relatives in Texas absolutely loved the movie. All of sudden, they are like, we're so sorry. This is crazy.
THR: Could it be Robert De Niro's character bearing a resemblance to Governor Rick Perry as some have suggested?
Trejo: Could someone be that petty and ruin the reputation of a state, go back on their word, over a similarity or a statement? Texans don't go back on their word.
THR: You worried about this happening on Death Race 2?
Trejo: No, that was shot in South Africa and they loved it.
THR: Will this affect future projects?
Trejo: I think Machete 2 might have to be done in Arkansas.
THR: What's the latest on Machete 2?
Trejo: (Director) Robert Rodriguez has already gotten it written. I'm just waiting for the okay for Robert. It might be Machete Kills the Texas Film Commission.
THR: Are you ready for that?
Trejo: Hell ya.
THR: On the positive side, this is good publicity for the DVD.
Trejo: It comes out in January and it's going to blow your mind.
THR: Can you text me when you speak with Robert?
Trejo: Machete don't text.