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Mel Gibson and his 'Beaver' Are Feeling the Love in Spring

Summit has targeted a Spring window for the release of the controversial star's depression drama.

Mel Gibson
"The Beaver"

Summit Entertainment is ever so slowly inching toward a potential release for The Beaver, the Jodie Foster-directed drama that stars Mel Gibson as a depressed man who starts speaking to the world through a beaver hand puppet. A rep for the studio confirms that Summit is looking for a date in the spring.

Here are some pros and cons to some of the hot weekend possibilities for its March-June release:


PRO: Sending The Beaver into the marketplace on Good Friday will take advantage of the forgiving nature of Gibson's $600-million Passion of the Christ flock on Easter Sunday, April 24.

CON: Fans looking for Gibson may be confused by competing films opening that weekend: Crazy, Stupid, Love and Haywire.


PRO: Could get him back in with the female crowd that loved him -- just looooved him -- in What Women Want to the tune of $371 million worldwide but then got frightened off by the racist, misogynist, threatening phone calls made to his ex-girlfriend and, uh, mother of his newest daughter. Gibson could make Sunday, May 8, a national day of atonement for any and all violence toward women by talking to them about beaver.

CON: Forget it, terrible idea. Sorry.


PRO: Gibson is many things, but he's also a patriot. A release on the Friday before the Monday Memorial Day holiday would show that the star of all-American entertainments Pocahontas, We Were Soldiers, The Patriot, Air America, Forever Young and Maverick believes in the American dream of second chances. Or third chances. Wait -- what are we up to, fourth? Fifth?

CON: With Congress thisclose to repealing "Don't ask, don't tell," Gibson's past anti-gay statements could deter all of the potential military moviegoers organizing Monday drag parades to the theater. 


PRO: Eight children is a lot. Some may even say it's enough. Gibson has played an intensely loyal and fierce father in films such as The Patriot, Signs and Ransom as well as a father figure to all of those filthy urchins in Beyond Thunderdome. So he's got daddy bona fides that can be played up in a marketing campaign that highlights what it means to be a man who knows that dealing with life's challenges sometimes means wearing a puppet and delivering scorchingly violent diatribes. Plus, putting Beaver on that date could siphon off all the people looking for a less-depressing movie than Green Lantern.

CON: It could be a tough sell to all the regular dads trying to enjoy a single day without facing debilitating depression.

If none of those dates work, there's always Valentine's Day.