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The comedian, the model, and the filthiest lawsuit ever filed

Rock,chris Today's THR tries to make some sense of all the Anthony Pellicano-related civil litigation, including a new case filed last week by talent lawyer John LaViolette against producer Andrew Stevens.

One particular case in the piece caught our eye. We're a bit behind on this, but a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge recently unsealed a lawsuit brought by Hungarian model Monika Zsibrita against comedian Chris Rock.

And oh what a doozy of a complaint it is. These are mere accusations, and Rock has repeatedly denied Zsibrita's accounts of their relationship, but the complaint accuses Rock (in detail after uncomfortable detail, we might add) of raping the model and describes the fallout: Zsibrita became pregnant and demanded a paternity test. Rock allegedly refused, hired private investigator Pellicano, and ultimately Rock and Zsibrita signed a confidentiality agreement to keep the whole sordid affair secret.

Then in 2004, Rock appeared on the Howard Stern radio show and described how Zsibrita had been used as part of a paternity scam by a Nigerian hustler. Rock also discussed Zsibrita when he took the stand in the federal trial against Pellicano when he described why he hired the private investigator. (During the trial, tapes of Pellicano talking with Rock about Zsibrita also came to light.)

Zsibrita wasn't thrilled to be dissed publicly by Rock, so she filed the lawsuit last summer alleging breach of a written confidentiality agreement. The complaint was filed as "Jane Doe v. John Doe," because, as her attorney Neville Johnson told the LA Times last month, "she did not want to run afoul of the confidentiality agreement."


Now, thanks to Rock's public comments, all bets are off. Zsibrita filed a motion to unseal the lawsuit, and the LAT spilled many of the details of the case when the judge granted the request.

But not all.

For instance, it's known that Rock originally met Zsibrita at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills. Some newspaper reports and blog accounts have reported about a "one-night stand." Others, like the Times, acknowledged two dates are alleged to have occurred. But the complaint alleges that Rock attempted to force Zsibrita to perform oral sex on him on that first date, and yet she still agreed to go out with him on a second. That's when the alleged rape occurred.

We won't go into the sordid details--suffice it to say there are discussions of Kleenexes saved, condoms used or not used, and blood tests taken. There are also repeated excerpts from Rock's conversations with Pellicano, which should interest those that follow the PI's case. If you're so inclined, you can read the full complaint here--though we certainly want to stress that Rock has never been charged with a crime and has denied that a rape ever occurred.