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'Exorcist' writer sues for access to Warner Bros. records

Exorbarf The writer of "The Exorcist" is accusing Warner Bros. of some head-spinning behavior. Well, not really, but that description is more exciting than writing that William Peter Blatty wants access to financial records he believes could show he's owed some money from the 1973 mega-hit.

Blatty, 82, wrote the best-selling book and screenplay for the horror classic. He alleges that his deal with the studio made him a co-owner of the film and thus entitles him to be treated differently than profit participants who merely share in revenues. He's sued Warner Bros. twice before but the studio's conduct "has compelled Blatty to seek redress from the courts again," according to the suit.

Here's the complaint for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, accounting and other causes of action, filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

Blatty wants to inspect the studio's books and records to determine whether it is honoring fiduciary obligations. "Instead of granting Blatty the immediate access to which he is entitled as a co-owner, [Warner Bros.] has asserted that Blatty must 'stand in line' with profit participants in [Warners'] other works who seek to audit [Warners], but who do not share Blatty's status as a co-owner."

A Warner Bros. rep says the studio isn't commenting on the case.