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'The Help' Author Responds to Lawsuit By Maid Who Says Book Is Based on Her

Today's entertainment law news.


In entertainment legal news...

  • After the Associated Press and artist Shepard Fairey came to a settlement over the Barack Obama "Hope" image, the AP continued to press its case against a merchandiser who had licensed the image that they had infringed its copyright on a photograph. The judge in the case has just ruled that the merchandiser did not engage in fair use although left open the question of whether the merchandise was "substantially similar" to the AP photo. [C&C]
  • We previously reported that record labels pursuing more than $1 billion in damages against LimeWire over copyright infringement were attempting to disqualify LimeWire's law firm because one of the lawyers had switched sides in the middle of the dispute. The judge has now denied that motion, saying the alleged conflict of interest didn't pose a significant risk. [Law360]
  • The Help author Kathryn Sockett has responded to a lawsuit from a 60-year-old woman who claims to be the basis for best-selling novel, soon to be a feature film from DreamWorks. She denies the allegation that the middle-aged black maid character with a gold tooth and a deceased son was based on her brother's former middle-aged black maid with a gold tooth and a deceased son. [USA Today]
  • The deadline for authors and publishers to file claims in the resolution of a class action lawsuit against Google over its scanning of books has been extended to March 31. Google extended the deadline as the judge decides whether to approve the settlement. [Reuters]
  • Is Lindsay Lohan letting her lawyer pick her clothing? One observer says that celebrity courtroom attire is a balancing act between the lawyer, the celebrity, and their stylist. Oh, the Bravo TV reality show possibilities. [Entertainment Weekly]