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Hollywood Docket: Will the FCC appeal?; UFC vs. pirates; RIAA's legal bill

  • In the wake of the appeals court ruling restricting the FCC's ability to fine broadcasters for indecent language on the airwaves, the big question is now whether the FCC intends to appeal. Doing so poses the risk of further bleeding its constitutional authority, but the Supreme Court's conservative wing might be more receptive to the government's indecency arguments than the Second Circuit has been. [WSJ / LAT]
  • In other FCC news, the agency has restarted the clock on its review of the planned acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast. Critics of the deal will have more time to argue their case. [THR]
  • The RIAA spent $16 million in legal bills in 2008 during its litigation campaign against individual file-infringers and may have recovered less than $500,000. Or at least that's what one of the RIAA's biggest critics is saying. [Recording Industry vs. The People]
  • The mixed-martial arts outfit UFC is threatening to go on a litigation rampage against those who illegally stream fights. The company says it has reached confidential settlements with more than 500 companies, but it's looking into the possibility that it might subpoena these sites to gain the IP-addresses of those who have downloaded the fights. [TF]
  • A new luxury hotel in Cyprus is threatening to sue Jennifer Lopez for $40 million for reneging on an agreement to perform a concert due to political protests from Greek Cypriots. [AOL]
  • The appeals process is beginning in the battle over hundreds of hours of outtakes from documentarian Joe Berlinger's "Crude," which Chevron says is a mouthpiece for plaintiffs lawyers. Should Berlinger be forced to turn over his footage? Will the case cause a chilling effect on documentaries critical of large corporations? [LAT]
  • John Stamos' lawsuit against a woman who he claims tried to extort him by alleging an affair is now underway at trial. Stamos contacted the FBI last fall after receiving e-mails demanding money for incriminating photos that allegedly showed he had an affair with a 17-year-old that resulted in a child. [People]
  • The Marquee nightclub in NY has filed a lawsuit against the AMC movie theater chain alleging trademark infringement in the opening of a cineplex named The Marquee. The nightclub claims that the AMC theater isn't chic enough and will tarnish its image. [NYPost]